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    Distributed Energy Generation.
    Universal technology to help you become energy resilient through renewable hydrogen fuel.

Many Problems

Access to energy has had unparalleled consequences and transformed the world socially, economically and environmentally. The principal energy resources of the fossil fuel economy are finite. The once abundant supply has become less reliable due to political forces and the unprecedented demand from the global population spike in recent decades. Hydrogen is recognized as a zero emission fuel source that can address global energy security and climate change. But when?

Solution for Today

Hydrogen may be the solution to energy problems of future generations, but what about now? The hydrogen fueling infrastructure could take decades to mature before the world realizes the benefits of a hydrogen economy. We offer on-site renewable hydrogen fuel and fuel cell electricity from water regardless of geography or building size. Through distributed renewable generation we effectively eliminate the need to transport or store hydrogen. As a result, we are expediting market transformation today.

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Our Mission

Large regions of the world still don't have access to modern fuels for generating power leaving over 2 billion people in the dark. To develop the energy assets and infrastructure would be impractical under the typical utility model. Distributed renewable generation through hydrogen, however, can deliver electricity to every door step.
It's our mission to empower the world with hydrogen energy– one switch at a time.

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