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    On-demand Generation for Nano/Microgrids.
    Secure your own grid and become resilient by generating renewable electricity anytime through hydrogen in water.

Many Problems

The supply of fossil fuels is finite. Carbon dioxide is a regulated emission and known to cause harm on health and the environment. Drastically changing weather, increased frequency and intensity of major storms are all causes for major concern over energy security and grid resilence.

One Solution

Could hydrogen be the catalyst to sustaining the energy needs of future generations? These facts are indisputable. Hydrogen is globally recognized as the ideal carrier of clean energy. Acquiring completely renewable hydrogen poses many challenges in production, transportaction, and storage. By harvesting hydrogen at its post of use from a carbon neutral fuel, One Scientific has overcome the nuances associated with hydrogen transportation and storage.

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Our Mission

Large regions of the world still don't have access to modern fuels for generating power leaving over 2 billion people in the dark. To develop the energy assets and infrastructure would be impractical under the typical utility model. Distributed renewable generation through hydrogen, however, can deliver electricity to every door step.
Our mission is to empower the world with hydrogen enery– one switch at a time.

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