We are a customer centric organization interested in learning about the energy challenges you face. Our team of veteran scientists, engineers, technicians, and entrepreneurs is sure to design a custom modular hydrogen solution that helps you overcome the problems standing in your way of doing more.


Founder and CEO

Michael Redwine

Michael is our innovation architect specializing in manufacturing research and development, product engineering, technology processes, and automated process equipment. He is responsible for all technical aspects of materials science, chemical technology, manufacturing technology, automation technology, electronic controls technology, and more. His career spans over 40 years during which he developed over 600 special machines for numerous companies and industries. 



Studied Chemistry & Physics

Studied Electronics

Studied Communications

Patents & Awards

  • 11 patents (medical, energy, automotive, lighting)
  • 5 publications (Robotics, chemical, management)
  • Career high of 600+ special machines conceived, designed, implemented
  • Indiana Governor’s Productivity Award
  • Michigan Product of the Year Award
  • SPIRE National Engineer of the Year
  • Men of Achievement Award


Cofounder and COO

Jon Barnwell

Jon is the architect of our corporate, business, and market strategies. He works on the company's financial and business functions continuously assessing its viability and profitability. He is responsible for managing the all-important burn rate. His career spans over 25 years in manufacturing, finance, marketing, and sales. When not working, Jon enjoys time outdoors with his family, riding motorcycles, boating, and backpacking.



B.A., Business Administration



SVP of business development

Matt Smith

Matt is our customer champion and focuses purely on users' needs to ensure that every contact point with the customer is as intuitive, simple and clear as possible. While devoting his work to One Scientific, Matt co-owns a financial services business with his twin brother under Symmetry Financial Group. Matt previously started and co-owned a manufacturing company in Northeast Tennessee that generated gross revenues over $10 million. Matt lives in Johnson City, TN with his wife and daughter.



B.A., Business Management



Advisory Board member

T. Edward Pritchett, III

Edward began his career in Chemical Engineering with a senior thesis project on the design of a direct atmospheric carbon extraction facility and continued his environmentally conscious use of his chemical engineering training by starting his career with a firm that focused on hazardous waste mitigation and cleanup. From engineering process design, Edward moved on to the logistics of the financial services field where he has developed his business management skills in growing a $28 million-a-year insurance and financial services agency. Edward lives outside of Asheville, NC with his wife, two children, a cat, a fish, two pigs and soon some chickens.


B.S. Chemical Engineering

Senior Thesis Project: Design of Direct Atmospheric Carbon Extraction facility


Mastering the Supply Chain Post Grad Training



VP of Engineering

Tim Brooks

Tim has over 35 years of experience in electrical and electronic engineering, progressively advancing from an engineering intern to the COO of Key Electronics, an electronics manufacturing services company. He has worked in sensors and transducers, RF signal processing, lighting control and manufacturing. Tim has been employed by Fortune 50 companies, startups and family owned enterprises. He enjoys teaching and mentoring, teaching electronics and microelectronics fabrication at the college level, and presenting to government entities, legal teams and industry consortiums, as well as conducting internal training for his employees, peers and customers. Tim has managed machine shops, automation engineers, IT systems, manufacturing facilities, CAD groups, optical designers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, compliance engineers and test labs. Tim grew up on a family farm in Illinois and continues to enjoy spending time with his family on his own farm and indulging in his hobbies of woodworking, restoration, hiking, and canoeing.



Master of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Subjects and Thesis focused on digital, signal and image processing


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude

patents & awards

  • 12 patents

  • Cooper Environmental Excellence Award


  • Merging Light, Electronics and Lamination into Automotive Lighting, Apr SAE Congress, Paper 2014-01-0430

  • LEDs Light the Way for SuperTruck, Jun 4, 2013. SAE Automotive Engineering.  SAE Technical Paper 2013-01-0753  

  • A Lead-Free Alloy for Electronics Soldering. Oct 1993.  Circuits Assembly Magazine

  • An Acoustic Charge Transport Signal Processing Module Featuring a Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Chip Carrier.  May 1989.  39th Electronics Components Conference



VP of Chemical Markets

Dwight Lynch

Dwight comes to us after a 34-year career at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, TN, where he worked as a sales and business development executive and a senior procurement analyst. He has also served as an independent consultant in the paint coatings, adhesives, resins, and polymer compounding markets. Highly adept at market and risk analysis, strategy development, and business plan implementation as well as competitive analysis and comprehensive production cost modeling, Dwight does an excellent job helping us develop our business model for industrial and chemical markets.


Mark B Smith1.JPG

VP of fuel cell markets

Mark Smith

Mark is a former senior executive in the energy industry who has extensive experience with emerging technologies in both commercial and operational industries. As a dual citizen of America and Canada, Mark’s background includes domestic and international experience in both traditional and renewable energy in sectors which include natural gas, power, wind, solar, biomass, CHP cogeneration, and GHG emissions reductions. As head of TransCanada Energy, he led the revenue growth of the company’s energy marketing affiliate to over $1 billion in annual sales while playing a major role in increasing customer satisfaction from the bottom quartile to the top ten percent. His experience in emerging technologies was primarily in entrepreneurial organizations and as a consultant. He personally closed contracts of a new wind energy technology with wind farm owners across North America. These contracts were expected to generate over $100 million in additional revenue. Additionally, he contracted with two of the top three global wind manufacturers to incorporate the technology into the manufacturing of future wind turbines.


Bio Pic 1.jpg

VP of Corporate Finance

Kimm Dodaro

Kimm joins our team after dedicating 30 years of service to the financial and charitable gift-giving professions. Beginning her career as a comprehensive financial planner, Kimm later worked her way up to senior partner of a real estate development company, where she oversaw the company’s Finance and Acquisitions Division and managed the underwriting and investment aspects of the company’s private equity fund. Still later, she ran her own firm, the Walter Joseph Group, for 10 years, helping families, businesses, and charitable organizations structure their assets within their financial portfolios to minimize tax exposure, create cash flow, and enable acts of philanthropy for greater social impact. “If we can take taxable dollars and reposition them by investing in something as powerful as One Scientific, then everyone wins,” she says. Kimm’s extensive expertise brings powerful and unique strategies to One Scientific in the areas of investment stewardship, capital raising, complex capital gains and income tax avoidance, business and succession planning, and impact investing through charitable strategy design.





Jim has over 32 years of combined experience in the fields of chemical, electrical, mechanical, and software engineering. He began his career working with computers, interfacing software with users. When it became apparent there was a shortage of engineers who could interface computer hardware sensors, he expanded his skillset into that area. From there, fueled by an innate love of learning, he continued broadening his expertise to include chemical and mechanical engineering. Over the course of his career, Jim has designed and implemented software for photometrics, robotics, systems management, and logistics. A consummate engineer, Jim’s favorite hobby is building and repairing computers.