Ready for Hydrogen?

We are! In the face of social, economic, and environmental adversity across the globe, the need for clean, renewable, energy-dense fuels is growing increasingly urgent. For a variety of reasons, fossil fuels—while currently cheap—will never be a completely reliable fuel source. Hydrogen, on the other hand, is the third most abundant element on earth, occurring naturally in hydrocarbons and water. Already universally recognized as a viable solution to global energy security, it has been used as an industrial gas for more than a century and now gaining ground as an alternative fuel in transportation for FCVs (fuel cell vehicles) and the preferred fuel for widespread adoption of stationary fuel cell power plants. 

Like electricity, hydrogen is an energy carrier and has to be made. When produced from water, hydrogen offers unique benefits that no other fuel can provide. Problems revolving around its production, transportation, and storage have hindered its cost-effectiveness and limited its widespread adoption. 

One Scientific technologies overcome key challenges related to sustainable onsite hydrogen production and distributed fuel cell power generation. We have created radically new technologies and processes that utilize water as a fuel source, a feat that has never before been economically possible. Our unique approach to splitting water molecules eliminates the need and the associated costs to liquify, transport, and store hydrogen. As a result, we can manufacture hydrogen gas on purpose almost anywhere in the world, 24/7, at highly competitive prices. 


Eventually hydrogen will join electricity as the major energy carrier, supplying every end-use energy need in the economy, including transportation, central and distributed electric power, portable power, and combined heat and power for buildings and industrial processes.
— US Dept. of Energy