What we do


One Scientific develops and licenses technologies that help companies increase profit and sustainability by manufacturing affordable onsite hydrogen from pure water.

Our mission

Accelerate the world’s transition to affordable onsite hydrogen from pure water.


Transformative technologies that eliminate hydrogen transportation costs, reduce capital and maintenance costs, and produce no carbon dioxide or other air emissions.

The hydrogen supply chain is costly.


carbon heavy

In the U.S. more than 95% of hydrogen production is via steam methane reforming (SMR) at large centralized production sites primarily consumed in the refining, ammonia, and methanol production industries.

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Capital intensive

Transportation of gaseous and liquid hydrogen is expensive. Small scale SMRs are capital intensive, have higher maintenance costs due to cyclic thermal stresses, and emit carbon dioxide.


electrolysis is costly

Electrolyzers have high variable and capital costs, and for most onsite applications use non-renewable grid electricity.


There is a better way