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Distributed Hydrogen and Electricity from Water


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One Scientific Founder Michael Redwine built the first prototype that would eventually become our catalytic hydrogen production system in the mid-1970s, while working as the head of research and development at a medical manufacturing company in rural Nebraska. The idea for the device came from an unlikely source of inspiration: the Biblical story of the prophet Elijah, which Michael was studying at the time. According to the story, Elijah performed a miracle before the Israelites by calling upon God to send fire from the sky to consume a sacrifice placed on an altar drenched with water. The Bible says that  

the fire of the LORD fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench surrounding the altar.
— 1 Kings 18:38 (NIV)

Being both a man of God and a man of science, Michael reasoned that a bolt of lightning had struck the wet altar and that it could only have created a fire intense enough to completely burn everything it touched if the water itself had contributed as fuel.

Finding the Key. With scientists across the U.S. scrambling for a solution to the OPEC oil crisis facing the Western world at that time, Michael was intrigued by the possibility of using pure water as a sole source of fuel. He knew the answer dealt with harnessing the power of hydrogen—the unique element that makes up two-thirds of every water molecule. The “easiest,” most reliable way to separate hydrogen from oxygen in water molecules at that time was via a chemical reaction called electrolysis. The problem Michael faced was that generating the amount of heat required to trigger electrolysis necessitated the use of an outside fuel source.

Michael was convinced that all the components needed to trigger catalysis and create powerful energy had been contained in Elijah’s altar almost 3,000 years ago. The key to solving the problem, he hypothesized, was determining the missing catalyst.

Redwine's Folly. Michael built an apparatus to test his idea and, in early 1976, began experimenting with different combinations of catalysts. As months and months went by without results, friends and coworkers of Michael’s jokingly hung a sign on the apparatus, christening it “Redwine’s Folly.” But persistence paid off. In the same way that Elijah’s miracle on Mount Carmel proved the presence and power of God to the doubting Israelites, when one of Michael’s tests finally resulted in producing a small flame, it proved his hypothesis correct—and opened the door for the boundless possibilities of truly clean, renewable energy. So why did it take so long for the technology to be fully developed?

Safety Dance. As proven by that first small flame, Michael’s apparatus was producing a single gaseous stream made up of two chemically independent streams of pure oxygen and pure hydrogen. Hydrogen gas on its own is flammable, but the presence of oxygen amplifies that flammability— to a dangerous degree. This became apparent after a subsequent test of the apparatus produced a flame so powerful it singed a coworker’s eyebrows from across the room and knocked the device off its work bench. 

Michael needed to find a way to separate the hydrogen and oxygen streams as they exited the apparatus so that the hydrogen could be safely harnessed as fuel. Unfortunately, at that time the necessary technology was prohibitively expensive and had limited applications. Michael decided to postpone further development until he could test the device without putting human beings in danger. 

It would be many years before technology became sophisticated and affordable enough to present a viable solution. As Michael ventured into other fields, his miraculous apparatus and the brilliant idea behind it fell to the wayside—until now. 


Original apparatus circa 1980

Original apparatus circa 1980

First commercial product. Version 1 - 24 kW fuel cell distributed energy resource.  

First commercial product. Version 1 - 24 kW fuel cell distributed energy resource.  



One Scientific Inc. was established in 2014 to complete the remarkable work initiated by Michael almost 4 decades ago. All members of our core team have entrepreneurial experience each starting, growing, and running their own company. We are intrinsically motivated self-starters who deliver independent thought and complement each other's skills.  As veteran entrepreneurs, scientists, & design thinkers, we are moving fast in making these technologies a reality and shave off decades in realizing the future hydrogen economy. Our mission is simple– solve seemingly impossible energy challenges in order to increase the quality of life for this and future generations.


founder, President, and technical lead

Michael Redwine

Michael is our innovation architect. Before devoting his work full-time to One Scientific Inc., Michael served as Advanced Manufacturing Engineer for Grote Industries LLC. Conversant in many disciplines, Michael has held numerous positions for various organizations, including Director of Research & Development, Vice President of Science and Technology, Senior Project Manager, and Director of Marketing and Applications Engineering. Michael specializes in manufacturing research and development, product engineering, and the development of processes and automated process equipment. He is responsible for all technical aspects of information technology, materials science, chemical technology, manufacturing technology, automation technology, electronic controls technology, and more. Michael has developed automotive components, agricultural machines, automated assembly and testing systems, medical devices, LED thin film technologies, and formulated health care and personal care products. 



Studied Chemistry & Physics

Studied Electronics

Studied Communications


  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Computer and Automated Systems Association of SME
  • Composites Manufacturing Association of SME
  • Association for Electronics Manufacturing of SME
  • Machining Technology Association of SME
  • Machine Vision Association of SME
  • North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME
  • Plastics Molders & Manufacturers Association of SME
  • Robotics International of SME
  • Rapid Prototyping Association of SME

Patents & Awards

  • 11 Patents (medical, energy, automotive, lighting)
  • 5 publications (Robotics, chemical, management)
  • Career high of 600+ special machines conceived, designed, implemented
  • Indiana Governor’s Productivity Award
  • Michigan Product of the Year Award
  • SPIRE National Engineer of the Year
  • Men of Achievement Award


cofounder, vice president

Jon Barnwell

Jon is responsible for financial and business functions, continuously assessing the viability and profitability of the organization. Under Jon’s leadership, One Scientific is achieving its financial milestone of completing Phase 1 under $500,000 while maintaining a nominal burn rate for an advanced energy startup. Prior to devoting his work full-time to One Scientific, Jon worked in the financial services industry as an advisor with Northwestern Mutual Insurance and Investment Services. Jon started and grew two real estate marketing and sales companies in coastal South Carolina that grossed over $10 million in under three years. Jon lives in Johnson City, TN with his wife and daughter. When not working, Jon enjoys backpacking, fitness training, and any activity on water.



B.A., Business Administration


  • Aces Circle of Excellence
  • Sales Leader of the Year


vice president of business development

Matt Smith

Matt is our customer champion and focuses purely on users' needs to ensure that every contact point with the customer is as intuitive, simple and clear as possible. While devoting his work to One Scientific, Matt co-owns a financial services business with his twin brother under Symmetry Financial Group. Matt previously started and co-owned a manufacturing company in northeast Tennessee that generated gross revenues over $10 million. Matt lives in Johnson City, TN with his wife and daughter.



B.A., Business Management